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Frequently Asked Questions - Sales

What methods of payment can be used?

All major credit and debit cards are accepted. We also accept PayPal, Payoneer and Escrow transactions. Please note that in order to set up an transaction, the minimum cost of the transaction must be $400 and we are ready to cover half of their fee for services as a sign of good will.

Is this payment safe? Is my financial info stored?

We do not store your financial information. We use a third party payment gateway, which is a leading online payment processor certified by the Better Business Bureau, European and US Safe Harbor laws. All transactions are encrypted with 128-bit SSL encryption and leverage McAfee and Thawte for security.

Is this a one time payment and are there any recurring or additional fees?

This is a one-time payment. Upon successful payment, the domain will be transferred to your account and you will have full control and exclusive rights to the domain. Along with the domain, you will also get 12 months of free domain registration (unless stated otherwise in our emails). In order to maintain the ownership of your domain, you will have to renew the domain registration with your registrar at a regular price before the registration expires in 12 months. Depending on the registrar you have chosen, the renewal price is usually between $10 and $30 per year.

How much time do I have to make the payment?

Payment must be made within 5 business days of the auction closure. If you do not make the payment within 5 business days, the domain will be offered to the second highest bidder.

Do I have to pay value-added tax (VAT)?

VAT compliance varies depending on the country of residence and whether you are a consumer or a commercial entity. Please consult your local tax advisor for more details.

After the payment, how is the domain transferred into my ownership?

After we have received your payment, we will send you an email with instructions on how to sign up for an account with the domain's current registrar. Signing up for an account with any registrar is FREE of charge. When you obtain your account number from domain's current registrar, you then have to forward that account number to us and we will transfer the domain to your account. Our team will be ready to support you to complete these technical steps.

After payment, when domain will be transferred to my account?

Domain transfer is a manual process and it can therefore take up to 7 days to transfer the domain to your account (or a bit longer if the domain is acquired through private sale and a transfer is in process), but we will do our best to make that transfer within 48 hours.

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